Champagne Bottle Sizes

I can’t help myself. I love drinking champagne, especially out of magnum-sized bottles (equals 2 standard bottles).

I love the look and the feel of the bottle and the wine just seems  to taste mind-blowingly delicious.

That got me to thinking about champagne bottles sizes and the fact that I can never exactly remember the names of the bottle sizes.


I know I’m not alone, so for your next trivia or Scrabble game here you go:

Huitième: 1/8 bottle; 9.4 ml; 3.16 fluid ounces; 1 very small glass

Quart/Quarter: split; ¼ bottle; 187ml or 6.32 fluid ounces; 2 very small glasses

Demi-bouteille: half-bottle; 375ml; 12.68 fluid ounces; 3 small glasses or two full glasses

For the following bottles a glass of champagne equals 4 fluid ounces

Bouteille: standard bottle; 750 ml; 25.5 fluid ounces; 6 glasses

Champagne does not come in liter bottles but for our purposes here 1 liter = 33.81 fluid ounces.

Magnum: 2 bottles; 1.5 liter, 50.71 fluid ounces, 12 glasses

Magnums of champagne many times are made in the same fashion as 375ml and 750ml bottles with the second fermentation occurring in the same bottle it’ll be consumed from.

The following bottle sizes, named after biblical figures, with few exceptions contain champagne that has been fermented in 750ml or magnum bottles.

Jérobaum- king of Israel: 4 bottles; 3 liters; 101.43 fluid ounces; 25 glasses

Rehoboam- son of Solomon, and king of Israel: 6 bottles; 4.5 liters; 152.14 ounces; 38 glasses (this size was discontinued in 1989 in compliance with EU law stating all bottles larger than magnum be multiples of liter)

Methuselah-biblical patriarch: 8 bottles; 6 liters; 202.86 ounces; 50 glasses

Salmanazar-an Assyrian king: 12 bottles; 9 liters; 304.29 ounces; 76 glasses

Balthazar-regent of Babylon: 16 bottles; 12 liters; 405.72 ounces; 101 glasses

Nebuchadnezzar-king of Babylon: 20 bottles; 15 liters; 507.15 ounces; 126 glasses

The following two bottles are extremely rare and made to order:

Solomon: 24 bottles; 18 liters; 608.58 ounces; 152 glasses

Premat: 36 bottles; 27 liter; 912.87 ounces; 228 glasses